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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Truth is Out There

Rory: Hi, babe.

Liz: Hey. I just woke up from a sex dream.

Rory:Well, I hope it was satisfying.

Liz: No, weird.

Rory: Jesus

Liz: Not THAT weird.

Rory: LMAO. Sure.

Liz: It ended with a threesome: Me, Fox Mulder, Dana Scully

Rory: Don't feel the need to tell me anymore, OK?

Liz: Noooooooo. You have to know.
Liz: It was soooooo good.
Liz: But then at the end, The Lone Gunmen came in and Langly started shouting at me: "FANFIC!! FANFIC!!"
Liz: Like I said, it was weird.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fish Heads, Fish Heads, Rolly Polly Fish Heads

Liz: So random, but I'm reading about this guy wanting something to make with fish heads and tails
Liz: so he doesn't waste any part of the fish
Liz: a guy comes along and tells him to make a stock, but discard the fins and tails.
Liz: dude's like, Why? I know you can't eat them, but will it ruin the stock?
Liz: and guy says, "Skin is fine. Apparently fins and tails harbor any bacteria that may be present."

Liz P.: that sounds gross

Liz: And--I love this--dude says, "Any bacteria that can survive an hour of simmering has earned its right to poison me."

Liz P.: LMAO
Liz P.: it will be a battle bertween his immune system and the bacteria
Liz P.: like thnderdome

Liz:Roller Derby

Liz P. Yes!

Liz: American Gladiators
Liz: LMAO. I just remembered they tried to remake that show.
Liz: Oh, America.

Liz P.: LMAO!
Liz P.: What have you done?

Liz: It's like when you see a youtube vid of a dude trying to ride a port-o-potty being pulled by his friend's motorcycle
Liz: Except not.
Liz: I think a show like that would've gotten past the second episode.

Liz P.: LMAO!



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