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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Kindness Project: The Be and the Do

A couple of weeks ago, I went through an indescribably rough patch that basically sucked all the good stuff out of me and replaced it with fear and worry panic and sadness. There was also a mad cleaning binge in there somewhere, which is a surefire sign that Things Are Not All Right.

On the third day, a friend of mine rang me up. "I wish I could do something."

"There's nothing to do," I told her. "It's enough that you're willing to just be, you know?"

When the world falls out from under us, sometimes the thing we need most isn't someone to fix the problem. (Because let's face it, some problems can't be fixed.) We need someone who's willing to go through it with us.

Someone who's willing to be and not do.

Because of the two, the being is harder than the doing.

Everyone wants to do something. But how many want to be something?

It's something I struggle with. And I didn't even realize it until I had nothing but being left.

Kindness Challenge: Be something for someone.

The Kindness Project Participants


  1. It's hard for most of us to just be. We have "busy hands" syndrome, meaning if we are moving and staying busy on someone's behalf, we are helping (even if we are really just in the way.) My greatest comfort comes from knowing I have an ear and shoulder available if I need it. That's priceless.

  2. Wow, Liz, this has got some wheels turning in my head. Thanks for highlighting something i hadnt thought of before!

  3. That's beautiful, I love it. Indeed, sometimes we don't need to do anything, just be there.

  4. Being is great. That is what we all should aspire to "be."

  5. You are right. BEing is harder. There a busy-ness in doing. A sense of accomplishing something. BEin requires just being there...and that can be the most difficult thing of all.

    I shall BE for someone :-)

  6. YES this. Sometimes we just want someone to listen to us too. It depends on the person, of course. Sometimes we just want to take the pain away because we love that person, but it's good to step back and just be. Great post! I hope whatever it is bothering you has receded <3




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