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What I Write

Books for Kids

Ninjas v. Squids(Fantasy/Adventure)
When a date with a cheerleader ends with him sucking face with a squidmonster, an apathetic eighth-grader realizes there may be more to his friend PJ's favorite video game than meets the eye.

Books for Teens

Legacy (YA)
A modern-day retelling of the King Arthur legend in which a budding investigative journalist stumbles upon a politician's plot for immortality and world domination while researching a story for her school paper.

Flicker (YA Science Fantasy)
In the wake of a dimensional shift, a fifteen-year-old overachiever named Ren learns she's being kept alive by an alien virus that allows her to bend reality.

Wonder Wiener: Confessions of a Teenage Hot Dog (YA Contemporary)
When a jewel heist goes wrong, an apathetic former beauty queen working as a dancing hot dog teams up with a masked vigilante to exact revenge on her sister's wealthy boyfriend.

Those Charming Boys of Summer (YA Paranormal)
After her sorority tries to eat her at its annual Spring Fling kegger, a pageant princess with a chip on her shoulder is reluctantly rescued by a pair of brothers who're in the family business of hunting down rogue fairy tale baddies.

Books for Adults

Strangeland (Paranormal Romance)
With the help of a man raised by fairies, an aging soap star searches the Strangeland--the forest surrounding the land of dreams and the place where nightmares are born--to save her eight-year-old co-star, who has been abducted and replaced with a changeling.

The Haunting of Holbrooke House (Paranormal Romance)
When a suspected murderer pleads not guilty by reason of demonic possession, a skeptic sets out to debunk the urban legends surrounding an abandoned boarding house, only to find the house is already under investigation by a rival investigator with whom she shares a tumultuous past.



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